Mikey & Louis
  • Vinny 2011: why do they all keep trending stand grand
  • Vinny 2013: because you taught them that it gets better and to stand grand
  • Nick 2011: what movie i don't act what even is Free Man Velocity
  • Nick 2013: we act now and were doing a movie for Autism awareness
  • Louis 2011: I can't sing for my life ha i dont have a song!
  • Louis 2013: yeah you and your bros go out to LA your gonna make it big
  • Jason 2011: i've been dancing since i was 2 I'd never sing in a boy band
  • Jason 2013: dance is your foundation but that can't just be it
  • Madison 2011: I AM IN A BAND? DO I STILL DANCE
  • Madison 2013: Of course you could never stop just watch you'll inspire everyone
  • Mikey 2011: so do i really inspire thousands of girls?
  • Mikey 2013: Yeah man its so cool trust me you will love it
  • Thomas 2011: Am i really the only one left?
  • Thomas 2013: yeah but don't worry the ICONiacz will always be there
  • ICONic Boyz 2011: just don't forget you started here okay?
  • The Boyz Now: how could we forget our lives would never be the same without ABDC


"We are kids, but that doesn't mean we can't go beyond the standards of choreography and dancing."

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